One By Three is a label for the woman of today who strives to display a powerful expression of herself.

OBT is for someone who is waiting to be discovered and truly admired for all that she is and can be. Our brand is driven by confidence, craziness and a lot of creativity. Our products, thus, as a result are the perfect combination of classy & contemporary ideas.

OBT was started by 3 girls with a flare for all things fashionable. Although, they had many different dreams, one of those dreams was common.

It was to see their designs and creations out in the world. As days passed by and ideas were generated and thrown out, it all came together by the way of and in the name of ‘One By Three’. Much has changed since we started but the heart of it all remains.

Here at OBT, we create from our hearts and use our passion to make something that will help you feel different from the rest. We put love, style and much more into everything that we do. After all we aren’t selling just a product, we’re giving you opportunities to fall more in love with yourself.